Goldilocks: The Hamptons Pride Sculpture Trail, 2021
"My inspiration for Goldilocks stems from the realization that whether it’s trophy hunting or poaching, it’s all about the money passing hands to cause the lion’s demise. Sad commentary indeed."
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Social Life Magazine
The Latest from Urban Zen

"Donna Karan, creator of the eponymous DKNY clothing label and owner of Sag Harbor's Urban Zen, interviewed the East Hampton-based, mixed-media artist Beth O'Donnell about an African wildlife project the two are working on."

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Social Life Magazine
Beth O'Donnell: Tainted Gold by MAGO

"Goldilocks—completely composed of currency—is O'Donnell's 110-pound fiberglass lion, layered with 400 paper bills. The artist carefully assorted 40 bills each from the ten most egregious, trophy-hunting countries in the world. The money, tainted gold, represents the abuse taht has left us with only fewer than 20,000 lions in existence. O'Donnell powerfully alludes to this, with a blood wound on her lion's side."

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East Hampton Star
Beauty and the Beast: An African safari not only offers something pretty indescribable, it can possibly help stop poaching

"According to Beth O'Donnell, an East Hampton resident and artist — and something of a self-made African-safari expert — the key to planning a safari that could make a difference is to choose an outfit that gives back to conservation and toward the prosperity of local communities."

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Hampton Cottages & Gardens
Graphic Impact: For multidisciplinary artist Beth O’Donnell, the world reveals itself in black and white

"No matter what continent she travels to, O’Donnell hand-carries or ships something home, such as the living room’s pair of beaded Nigerian armchairs, prominently placed around a large coffee table made from wood salvaged from beached dhows, or sailboats. “During my travels, I always bring back some form of wood,” she says. “It carries the energy of the country it comes from and triggers memories.”

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The Purist
Renaissance Woman

"Beth O'Donnell's commitment to wellness is beautifully expressed in art, photography, and founding some of America's first holistic spas."

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Architectural Digest
11 Tips for Artfully Restoring a Very Old Home

"Bill Cummings and Bernt Heiberg have taken on several projects in the Hamptons over the course of their 26 years in business as Heiberg Cummings Design, but the duo’s latest project—their own home—presented the unique opportunity to tackle a purely historical restoration. For the past year and a half the couple has faithfully restored the 1,800 square-foot property with a singular goal in mind: preserving the original architecture...The photograph over the mantel is by Andre Cortes; the flower is a work by Beth O’Donnell."

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East Hamptons Meets East Africa
"To commemorate six years of giving and maintaining access to clean water in Kenya, photographer Beth O'Donnell and jewelry designer Carolyn Roumeguere are hosting East Hampton Meets East Africa, a three day open studio trunk show and African Bazaar at O'Donnell's East Hampton studio.

A percentage of the artists' sales from Friday, August 8, through Sunday, August 10, 2014 will be donated directly to the Voss Foundation. Furthermore, all sales from the Foundation's African Bazaar will be donated to the Voss Foundation."

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Muse Magazine
"Beth O'Donnell first came to prominence as a photojournalist with her book focusing on three women in Africa. Angels in Africa met with critical praise and the pictures were beautiful. She has evolved into much more than a documentary photographer. Her other series, the very New York: Reflections, is that, reflections on the side of the buildings images that were blurred with water. In her work Wet Paint began to move ever closer towards painterly. Wet Paint is impressionistic. Now she has dived entirely into painting. Her series Paintings are surreal, with a landscape quality. Not simply landscape genre paintings and not simply color studies. They all focus on a horizon, some undefinable area where the blur O'Donnell seems to have been following finally comes to a conclusion."

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The Genuine Kitchen
"Beth O'Donnell's The Highline Series tells of the various shades of crazy that one sees on any given day from the High Line, a public park built on a rail line elevated above Manhattan's West Side, but that's only the first page."

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Urban Zen
"Beth O'Donnell is a photographer with a love for painting. Through a multi-dimensional process of layering and revealing, O'Donnell collages her photography with several coats of encaustic wax and paint on birch panels to create arresting images which capture the rich textures and mood of her environment."

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